Using Safe multi-sig

Learn how you can use Snapshot with a Gnosis Safe Multi-sig wallet.
You can use a Gnosis Safe to vote, create a proposal or setup a space on Snapshot.

Gnosis Safe interface

Spaces can be created and updated only by Ethereum Mainnet accounts.
Voting and proposals related actions are supported by Ethereum Mainnet, Optimism Mainnet, Arbitrum Mainnet, Polygon Mainnet, BSC and Goerli Testnet.
To use your multi-sig wallet to interact with Snapshot you can login to Snapshot from Gnosis Safe UI by adding as a Safe app. When you try an action like vote, it will create a pending transaction in your Safe transactions queue. This transaction must be confirmed by the Safe signers within 72 hours. Once the transaction is confirmed the vote will be sent and will appear on the proposal.

Vote directly on Snapshot

You can also cast your votes, create proposals and manage spaces directly on
Navigate to, and connect your Gnosis Safe using the Safe App for WalletConnect. Then, enter an address of an EOA wallet or ENS name you control or to which you would like to delegate, and click Confirm.
Afterwards you will be able to see the EOA wallet address(es) you’ve delegated to from your Gnosis Safe whenever you return to this page. Delegated addresses allow you to use an EOA wallet that represents the governance token holdings in your Gnosis Safe. In order to participate in Snapshot polls through delegation, make sure you’ve connected the wallet to which you’ve delegated.
For a delegated address to be effective when signaling on a Snapshot poll, the address has to have been delegated to before the block number assigned to the Snapshot proposal.
Any action on Snapshot done with a Gnosis Safe require a TX that will require gas fees.