Using Safe multi-sig

Learn how you can use Snapshot with a Gnosis Safe Multi-sig wallet.

You can use a Gnosis Safe to vote, create a proposal or setup a space on Snapshot.

Your Safe has to be on the same network as the Space is. Head to Space settings, Strategies tab to check the Space's network.

Gnosis Safe interface

Spaces can be created and updated only by Ethereum Mainnet accounts.

Voting and proposals related actions are supported by Ethereum Mainnet, Optimism Mainnet, Arbitrum Mainnet, Polygon Mainnet, BSC and Goerli Testnet.

To use your multi-sig wallet to interact with Snapshot you can login to Snapshot from Gnosis Safe UI by adding as a Safe app. When you try an action like vote, it will create a pending transaction in your Safe transactions queue. This transaction must be confirmed by the Safe signers within 72 hours. Once the transaction is confirmed the vote will be sent and will appear on the proposal.

By default, the confirmation modal has to stay open until all Safe signers confirm. If you prefer to close the modal, you need to enable on chain signatures. Follow the steps from Asynchronous signing to change your Safe settings.

Asynchronous signing

If you'd like to enable asynchronous signing for all Safe's signers and not have to keep the modal open, you have to enable on-chain signatures in the Safe settings.

  1. Go to Safe Settings -> Safe Apps.

  2. Enable Always user on-chain signatures

That's all 🎉 Signers can now sign even if you you close the confirmation modal.

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