What is a space?

You can think of a space as an organization's account on Snapshot which can be viewed by anyone visiting the platform. It serves as a hub for all proposals related to the organization and a source of information for the users.

Moreover space allows its organization to manage the roles of organization members and customize the proposal and voting settings.

Please note that any updates will not affect proposals which already exist, only the new ones will be affected. For more details have a look at the Settings section.

How to access a space?

Spaces are listed upon arrival on https://snapshot.org and first and foremost can be filtered by the organization or the ENS name used to create the space. They can be also filtered by other parameters listed next to the search field. You can access the space from there or directly through a link which includes the ENS name (i.e. https://snapshot.org/#/pistachiodao.eth). It is also possible to define a custom domain name for your space.

Proposal search & filtering

You can browse through all of Space's proposals and apply specific filters to them, including active, pending, and closed proposals, as well as those created by core members, and flagged proposals.

Flagged (potentially dangerous) proposals are hidden by default.

If you'd like to display them, you need to apply the Show flagged proposals filter. This is not recommended due to potentially malicious content.

Joining a space

If you want to have a quick access to a chosen space you can join it from the directory of all spaces or through the space's individual page by clicking the Join button. It will create a shortcut for the space on the left sidebar and keep you updated with the number of new proposals displayed on top of the space's avatar.

Space page

The content of the space overview will depend on the role of the connected account and the space settings. Below you can see the example of our dummy space and what anyone, even when not connected, can see.

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