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Space verification

This page explains what a space verification is and how to get verified.

Verification for legitimacy

Space verification is a process of checking if the space is real and can be trusted.
Verified spaces have a special badge next to their name, as presented on the screenshot below.
Don't worry if you voted on a proposal of a fake space - signing a message doesn't cause any implications for you.

How to get your space verified?

Make sure to follow all steps from the below checklist:
  • Space has an avatar image uploaded
  • Space has a minimum threshold for proposal validation (or limited to authors)
  • There are at least 5 closed proposals
  • A link from the official website, the GitHub organization or a tweet to confirm the ownership of the Snapshot space
  • Space is not using a testnet or network that has no recognition
  • Ask to get verified by an admin in #helpdesk-tickets channel on Discord
Verification process can last up to 72 hours.
Verification status is valid as long as the space meets all requirements.