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I have an issue, where should I report it?

Before you report it make sure to browse through this FAQ, our documentation. If you still facing some issue, contact our support on Help Center with the following details:

  • Detailed description of the issue: what action were you trying to perform (i.e. casting a vote), what error did you get

  • Screenshots - provide the screenshots of the error you are getting

  • URLs - applicable urls, i.e. proposal or space url

I get "Oops, something went wrong!” what should I do?

We recommend to wait for around 10 minutes and try again. If the error persist, open the console panel (right click with your mouse and click Inspect and open the Console tab):

Make a screenshot of the panel and contact our support on Help Center with the following details:

  • Topic: clear on context when you got the error - Cannot cast a vote - Oops, something went wrong

  • What were you attempting to do? (i.e. vote on a proposal, create a proposal)

  • Did you wait for some time before trying again?

  • Paste the screenshot from the console panel.

I can't follow more than 25 spaces, is that intended?

Yes. Limiting the number of followed spaces to 25 is one of our anti-scam & -spam measures.

I'm receiving the error "The message timestamp is not valid. Please check the clock on your device, and make sure it is set to the correct date and time, and try again"?

The reason behind this error is that the time configured on your device isn't accurate. Refer here to troubleshoot.

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