Can I cancel my boost and retrieve my tokens early?

No, once a boost is created, the tokens are locked until the end of the claiming period.

What happens if the proposal I boosted doesn't pass?

The boost still fulfills its purpose by incentivizing voting and participation, regardless of the proposal's outcome.

Are there any additional rewards for creating a boost?

There are currently no direct rewards for boost creators, but it might help increase your reputation score in the future.

How is the effectiveness of a boost measured?

Effectiveness can be gauged by the increase in participation on the proposals you've boosted compared to similar proposals without a boost.

What safeguards are in place to prevent abuse of the boosting system?

We're actively monitoring the use of boosts and will iterate on the rules and mechanisms to prevent any form of abuse as we learn from the beta phase. There are some potential risks with Strategic incentivization, so you might want to disable this feature in your space settings.

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