Learn what the POAP plugin is and how to add it to your space.

POAP is a badge which can be acquired by attending events or experiences. In technical terms - a Proof Of Attendance Protocol NFT (non-fungible asset).

With the POAP plugin you can reward voters in your space with a unique POAP for each vote they cast on a Snapshot proposal and as a result grow the overall governance participation of your community.


1. Open your space settings on Snapshot

Ensure that you have the permissions required to add new plugins, or reach out to the admins of the space you'd like to add the plugin to.

Scroll down to Plugins and click the Add plugin button.

2. Select the POAP module

A new popup window will show up where you can search for and select the POAP Module by simply clicking on it.

No need for additional settings on this step; leave it as-is and click "Add."

Don't forget to save your settings! Go to the top of the page and click Save. Confirm the changes by signing the message in your wallet.

3. Create a new proposal

Now when you create a new proposal, the POAP plugin will be automatically added. There is no need to manually add it to each new proposal.

Once the proposal has been created, you can get your Snapshot proposal ID from the URL of the proposal. Copy all characters following the proposal/ in the address box in the browser and save them somewhere - you will need it to link the proposal to your POAP drop.

4. Create a POAP drop

Follow the instructions in POAP's guide How Do I Set Up a POAP Drop? but be sure to request "0" mint links.

Take note of your Drop ID, as you will need this for the next steps.

Reach out to the POAP team by filling out the required fields in the POAP Snapshot Proposal Request form. Do not post your request anywhere else.

Your petition will be reviewed by the POAP Curation Body after the vote is finished. If the petition is approved, every voter will be able to mint their special POAP.

How to check the status of your request?

If you want to check on the status of your request, you should do so by using the chat bubble:

  • Click the chat bubble in the lower-right corner of the POAP website.

  • Type β€œcheck on my petition”

  • Enter your drop ID.

  • Get a response!

If curation needs to contact you, they will do so via the email curation@poap.io. If customer support needs to contact you, they will do so via the email support@poap.io. Beware of scams and never reply to other email addresses.


Join POAP Discord: http://poap.xyz/discord Snapshot Help Center: https://help.snapshot.org/en


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