Space badges

Learn about the meaning of space badges

At Snapshot Labs, we want to help our users safely browse and discover spaces and make informed decisions about them. That’s why we’ve introduced verification and warning badges.

The goal is to provide users a simple way to navigate voting in web3. To facillitate that Snapshot displays a verification badge or warning label next to the space name and in each proposal belonging to that space.

The verification badge signifies that the space has been verified as the authentic version of the protocol it claims to be. Please note that the verified badge does not represent an endorsement of the protocol by Snapshot Labs. A verified badge also says nothing about its merits as an investment. A space may carry a verified badge but might still be a bad investment idea. Think of the verified badge only as a tool to help you find the correct version of the space you’re searching for.

If you would like to get your space verified, head to Space verification and follow the guide.

The warning badge means that we either identified that space as impersonating a project, IP infringement or potential scam.


Turbo space

Verified space with Turbo plan


Manually curated by Snapshot Labs to identify spaces that passed the verification criteria.


Manually curated by Snapshot Labs to identify spaces that impersonate a project, infringe IP, or spaces that are proven to be scams.

Voting on a proposal which belongs to a space flagged with the warning badge is not dangerous as the vote does not trigger a transaction - your account as assets are safe.

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