Migrate or delete or a space

Currently, migrating spaces still requires some manual effort.

Delete a space

If you are a space controller you can delete the space through Snapshot's interface directly.

Deleting a space cannot be reversed and you will not be able to create a new space with the same ENS domain name.

Head to your space settings and click Advanced tab in the sidebar on the left:

Scroll down to the bottom to the Danger Zone and click Delete space:

Confirm the space deletion with the space ID and sign a message in your wallet.

That's it!

Migrate a space

Create a proposal on the source space as well as on the target space with the title "Migrate this space" from the respective controllers of the spaces (the Ethereum address that is registered in the snapshot ENS text record.

One last step

Contact our support on Help Center Please allow a couple of days for the workflow to be processed.

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