Voting strategies

What is a strategy?

Voting strategy is a set of conditions used to calculate user's voting power. Strategies enable Snapshot to calculate the final result of voting on a given proposal. You can read more about them in our documentation: Voting strategies

I want to test a strategy, how can I do it?

You can use the playground on Snapshot available from the strategy’s page:

How to limit voting to only those users who own a specific amount of the token(s)?

You need to setup a basic voting validation which allows you to select a specific strategy and define the minimum threshold required for the user to vote. Have a look at our documentation here to learn more: Validation strategies

Why is my voting power equal to 0?

There might be multiple reasons for that. Most usually your voting power is equal to 0 as you didn’t have the required tokens in you wallet at the time of proposal creation. Have a look at this discussion to explore other potential reasons.

Why is my voting power reduced? I’m a delegate.

If the proposal’s space is using the delegation strategy and the address which delegated its voting power to you casts a vote on the specific proposal, your total voting power is reduced by the delegation which you received from the other address.

To give an example (using the delegation strategy):

  • B has voting power of 20 of its own.

  • A has voting power of 10 and delegates it to B.

  • B has now a voting power equal to 30.

  • If A does not vote, B’s voting power is 30.

  • If A does vote, B’s voting power is 20. (30 reduced by 10)

I'm looking to set up our Snapshot space with 3 different voting strategies for 3 types of proposals. How can I do it?

You can use sub-spaces on Snapshot. This solution allows you to link different spaces and set different settings for each of them depending on your needs. Have a look at our documentation to learn more: Sub-spaces

I want to give one vote per one wallet to the voters of my space, regardless of their wallets’ balance. Which strategy should I use?

You can use the ticket strategy.

How can I give 1 voting power to all voters holding a specific token regardless of its amount?

Here is an example of the basic strategy setup for voters holding DAI tokens:

  "minScore": 1, # define the minimum required amount of token
  "strategies": [
      "name": "erc20-balance-of",
      "params": { # define the specific token details
        "address": "0x6b175474e89094c44da98b954eedeac495271d0f",
        "symbol": "DAI",
        "decimals": 18

2. Voting strategy

I am not a developer, can someone work on my strategy for money?

Yes. You can create an issue on and then post in on the #developers channel on Discord.

Snapshot is not reponsible for the agreement between you and the contributors.

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