Space roles

Learn what the space roles are and how you can assign them to users.

What is a role?

Role is a set of permissions related to managing your space and its proposals which an account (wallet address) can be granted.

Role permissions


Controller of space has a full control over the space settings including managing the list of admins.


Admin can edit space settings with the exception of the list of admin users and archive proposals.


Author can create proposals regardless of their voting power and the proposal validation strategy.

Assign a role to the user


The controller is first assigned during the process of space creation. By default it is the ENS domain controller. To learn more about this step, head to 2.-set-the-space-controller-ens-text-record.
There can be only one controller per space and can be updated only by the current controller.
In order to update the controller role head to the space settings on Snapshot. Click the Edit Controller button on the right-hand side:
Paste the address of the account you want to set as space controller in the pop-up window and click Set. It will trigger your wallet browser extension and ask you to sign a transaction with a gas fee.

Admins and authors

In order to update the admins and authors lists head to the space settings on Snapshot. Scroll down to the Admins and Authors fields.
You can add up to 100 addresses in each field. Make sure each address is written in a separate line as suggested in the example below.
Do not list all addresses in one line separated by a delimiter like a comma, semicolon or a dot.