Can I create a proposal?

It depends on the space settings. Spaces can set up a validation strategy which defines who is eligible to create a proposal, for example you need to hold at least 1ETH in your wallet in order to do so. Moreover, spaces can specify a list of users who can create proposals by listing their wallet addresses in the space settings. You can read more about space settings and proposal validation.

Proposal limit: How many proposals can I create per day?

Users are restricted in the proposal creation by the limits imposed on Spaces.

Have a look at Proposals to learn the limits specific for different Space types.

What happens if a proposal doesn't reach quorum?

If a proposal does not reach the required quorum, it is considered as not passed. However, the outcome of a proposal depends on the governance rules of the specific project. Some projects might still consider the proposal for further discussion, while others might require resubmission with modifications.

Your proposal cannot be submitted due to a missing proposal validation rule. What does it mean?
The token I want to use for executing transaction is not verified. Can I verify it?

You can submit your request by following the process described in the Token verification section.

Are there any solutions available to minimize whales' power in the voting process?

Absolutely! Have a look at the Quaratic Voting system (bear in mind that it should be parie

I can't create a proposal with a shortened URL in the description. Why?

Due to an increased amount of scam attacks on Snapshot, we do not allow shortened URLs in the proposal description. Make sure you provide a full URL to create a new proposal.

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