Add a custom domain

Learn what a custom domain is and how to set it up for your space.

What is a custom domain?

Custom domain is a unique branded domain name which you can use for your space instead of using the default Snapshot's URL. The displayed website is exatly the same, the only difference being the address you can see in the browser. Have a look at the example below:

Snapshot URL:

Custom domain:

As you already have a domain with ENS, adding a custom domain is optional.

Add a custom domain to your space

You cannot create a custom domain through Snapshot. Make sure that you own the custom domain before setting it up.

1. Update space settings

Head to your space settings on Snapshot and fill in the custom domain name field. It must match the one you added in the Pull Request.

2. Configure your DNS

Update your DNS settings on the custom domain provider dashboard and set CNAME to:

3. Activate your domain

Use the below link to activate the domain: (make sure to replace <YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME_HERE> with your domain)<YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME_HERE>

If your domain name is then URL will look like this

Note that at this step the returned message could contain warnings, this could happen if the domain DNS zone is not fully resolved yet or if you've already successfully activated your domain. The bottom line is if you've setup the CNAME record correctly you should not worry at all.

4. Fork the snapshot-spaces repository

Create a fork of the snapshot-spaces Github repository:

5. Add your custom domain to domains.json

Follow the Snapshot spaces directory tree and open the domains.json file.

└── spaces
    └── domains.json

Add the mapping for your custom domain and Snapshot space in the following format:

"my.custom.url": "my-space.eth"

To prevent conflicts, it is recommended to add your subdomain between two existing domains rather than at the end or beginning of the list, as in the example below.

  "": "ens.eth",
  "my.custom.url": "my-space.eth",
  "": "ens.eth",

6. Create a pull request

Create a Pull Request on the original snapshot-spaces repository with the above changes.

Once the PR is merged you will have to wait for the release of a new version on It can take up to a couple of days. Once the new version is released, your space will be accessible from your custom domain.

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