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Receive event notifications with webhooks.
Snapshot uses webhooks to notify your application when an event happens. Webhooks are particularly useful for asynchronous events like when a proposal is created, when it starts, or when it ends.
The webhook server sends a request for any new event, the request is sent to the configured URL with POST method and the event object as body.
Here is an example of the event object:
id: 'proposal/QmZ21uS8tVucpaNq2LZCbZUmHhYYXunC1ZS2gPDNWwPWD9',
event: 'proposal/created',
space: 'yam.eth',
expire: 1620947058
Here are the possible events:
proposal/created When a new proposal is created
proposal/start When the voting period for a proposal starts.
proposal/end When the voting period for a proposal ends.
proposal/deleted When a proposal is deleted by the author or an admin of the space.

Test a webhook

You can use this URL and change with your own endpoint to trigger a test callback.

Subscribe to events

If you want to subscribe to Webhooks, please fill out this form, If you don't receive events even after 48 hours after filling the form, please contact us on Discord in this #helpdesk thread.