Gnosis Impact

Learn what Gnosis Impact plugin is and how to set it up for your space.

The Gnosis Impact app is a tool for projecting into the future. The app uses simple analysis of prediction markets to expose the price that traders are willing to pay for an asset in the condition that a particular event occurs. This information is an invaluable decision-making tool as it gives insight into how the market perceives the event impacting the relative value of asset pairs.


1. Go to your space settings

In order to add a plugin head to your space settings by clicking Settings on your space's page:

2. Add the plugin

Scroll down to the Plugins section and click Add plugin. Select the plugin you want to add in the pop-up window:

There is no need to provide additional information at this step, simply click Add and you should see the Gnosis Impact plugin listed in the plugins section.

3. Save your settings

Don't forget to save your space settings! Go to the top of the page and click Save.

4. Create a new proposal

During the proposal creation process you will be able to specify the following details for the Gnosis Impact plugin:

For the final step in creating a GnosisDAO Snapshot poll, make sure you’re in touch with a GnosisDAO Admin forum moderator to obtain the Gnosis Impact conditionID. In the future, this step will be more user friendly, so that participants can easily do this on their own.

Click Publish and head to your proposal's page where users will be able to see the predicted price πŸŽ‰

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