Add a network

This page explains which networks are supported by Snapshot and how to add a new one.

EVM-based networks

Snapshot supports EVM-based networks. You can explore them at by selecting the Networks filter:
You can also follow this link directly:

Add a new network

If you can't see the network you are looking for on the list or you want to add your custom network, fill in the form linked below to include it within Snapshot.


  • New network must be EVM-based
  • RPC node must be an archive node
  • RPC node's url must use https
  • Multicall contract must be verified and published
  • Logo has to be stored on IPFS
It's now in the hands of the Snapshot team to review your changes and apply them to
The average time to add a new network is 7 days, so please be patient! 😉
Once added, we will tag you in the PR on Github.