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Add a network

This page explains which networks are supported by Snapshot and how to add a new one.

EVM-based networks

Snapshot supports EVM-based networks. You can explore them at by selecting the Networks filter:
You can also follow this link directly:

Add a new network

To add a new network to Snapshot, you need to subscribe to the Network plan. The Network plan is tailored for projects seeking to integrate their EVM compatible chain network in Snapshot. This plan facilitates governance across your networks by supporting both a mainnet and a testnet network.
  • Network support: Includes integration of 1 mainnet and 1 testnet.
  • Quick setup: Networks are typically ready within an average of 48 hours.
  • Social announcement: Announcement of your network addition on our social channels.
  • Dedicated support: Direct support available through a dedicated Telegram group.
  • Custom registry: Support network specific ENS-compatible registry.
  • Monthly subscription: $2,000
  • Annual subscription: $20,000 (offering a saving of $4,000 over monthly payments)
How to get started:
  1. 1.
    Make a payment: To subscribe to the Network plan, please visit our payment page here or transfer the amount to 0x01e8CEC73B020AB9f822fD0dee3Aa4da2fe39e38 on Ethereum mainnet.
  2. 2.
    Request to add your network: To request the addition of a your network, fill out our form here.
For further information or assistance, contact our support team.