Migrate your space to ENS

Follow this guide if you have a space on Snapshot without an ENS name.

If you already have a space on Snapshot which does not have an ENS name, you need to migrate your space to ENS by following the steps below:

1. Create a space with ENS

To migrate your space you will need first to create a new space with an ENS domain.

Create a space

2. Map your old space alias to the ENS

2a. Fork the snapshot-spaces repository

Fork the below repository to make changes needed to mirate your space.

Open the aliases.json file and add the alias of the space you wish to migrate together with the newly ENS domain name of the newly created space as in the example below:

"my-space": "my-space.eth"

2c. Create a Pull Request

Create a Pull Request on the original snapshot-spaces repository with the above changes.

It can take the team around 72 hours to merge your Pull Request, so please be patient 🙏

Once the PR is merged you will have to wait for the release of a new version on https://snapshot.org. It can take up to a couple of days. Once the new version is released you can move on to the next step.

3. Migrate proposals, votes and URLs

Now the Snapshot team has to migrate your old space to the new one.

Contact our support on Help Center to start the migration.

You have now successfully migrated your space to ENS! 🎉

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