SafeSnap: oSnap

Combine Safe with Snapshot using oSnap.

β€œoSnap” is short for Optimistic Snapshot Execution. oSnap lets DAOs propose transactions, do an off-chain governance vote, and have the transaction data submitted in a trustless fashion.

Instructions for using oSnap

Setting up the oSnap module:

  • Create a Safe and Snapshot Space, or connect to your current accounts.

  • Go to Safe Apps, install the Zodiac app, and install the oSnap module through Zodiac.

  • Set the proposal bond, challenge period, and Snapshot Space.

  • Link the oSnap module to your Snapshot Space with SafeSnap.

  • Your oSnap module address is added to the SafeSnap plugin configuration to enforce the results of proposals on-chain.

Using oSnap with Snapshot:

  • Create a proposal and Snapshot vote, along with the transactions to execute if the proposal passes.

  • Invite the community to vote on the proposal.

  • Once the Snapshot voting period ends, anyone can propose the transactions by posting a bond.

  • After the challenge period, execute the transactions on-chain through the Snapshot interface.


Video tutorial on how to deploy and use an oSnap module:

Follow the oSnap documentation on how to set up an oSnap module for your project.

Deployment tutorial using the Zodiac module:

Snapshot tutorial to configure and execute transactions with Snapshot proposals:

An overview on verifying and disputing proposed transactions:

Updating the oSnap using admin functions:

Security recommendations

In order to ensure maximal safety we recommend to define several paremeters for your oSnap setup:

  • Set a substantial bond for an answer

  • Select a long challenge period

  • Set up a monitoring infrastructure for proposed transactions

Additional resources

Learn more about oSnap here:

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