POAP - Proof of Attendance

Take POAPs into account when calculating the individual Voting Power.

POAPs stands for Proof of Attendance Protocol. In simple terms, POAPs are like digital badges or tokens that you can earn for attending or participating in certain events, both in-person and online.

Let's say you attend a conference, workshop, or even a virtual event. The organizers of that event can create a unique digital token called a POAP. It serves as proof that someone was present or participated in that specific event. Each token has a unique code or ID that represents their attendance.

In technical terms, POAP is a type of ab NFT in ERC721 standard. It's minted on the Gnosis chain and can be migrated to ETH Mainnet as an option. Its contract can be found here: 0x22C1f6050E56d2876009903609a2cC3fEf83B415.

Every single POAP has a unique tokenID.

Now, how can you reward your community for their attendance by giving them Voting Power?

There are several strategies that you can use for your Space:

The poap strategy returns the balance of POAP for a certain event as Voting Power. However, when the eventIds is skipped, it will return the number of all POAP tokens owned by the address.

Strategy setup:

  "symbol": "POAP",
  "eventIds": [

🤔 How to find the event ID of the POAP?

Visit the POAP gallery and search for the name of the POAP you're looking for:

You can test it out in the Playground on Snapshot:

It's suggested to use this strategy as an auxiliary scoring method because the score api server may have difficulty handling thousands of requests if huge single Ids are passed into the parameter.

Since POAP is an ERC721 NFT, it can be distinguished by its tokenID, i.e. each tokenID represents a unique POAP. One can designate multiple tokenIDs and attach different weight to each.

In the example, if one holds a poap with the tokenID "100001", he will get 100 (1*100) voting power. Playground

  "symbol": "POAP",
  "tokenIds": [
    {"id":"100001", "weight": 100}, 
    {"id":"100002", "weight": 10}, 
    {"id":"1000", "weight": 1}

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