What is a plugin?

Learn what plugins are and how to use them.

Plugin is an extension which enriches Snapshot by additional functionalities without changing the core of Snapshot's logic. The possibilities are many, from plugins which reward users with an NFT when they cast a vote, through adding a comment box for voters to explain their choice, to enabling on-chain execution of Gnosis Safe transactions.

You can browse through all plugins by heading to https://snapshot.org and selecting the Plugins filter in the search bar:

Add a plugin to your space

You can extend your space's functionality by adding plugin(s) to it. They will be applied to all proposals created after the plugin has been added.

  1. In order to add a plugin head to your space settings by clicking Settings on your space's page:

2. Scroll down to the Plugins section and click Add plugin. Select the plugin you want to add in the pop-up window:

3. Configure the plugin according to your needs. Each plugin requires different setup so before you add it to your space make sure which parameters do you need to provide. As an example, the Gnosis SafeSnap plugin requires a CHAIN_ID of the network your safe is using and the realityAddress . Check out the Using Safe multi-sig setup steps if you want to learn more about this specific plugin.

4. Click Add and don't forget to Save your new settings.

5. Well done, you have added a new plugin to your space! 🎉

The newly added plugin will affect only proposals created after the settings have been updated.

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