Register an ENS domain
To create your space on Snapshot, you will need to have an ENS domain. This page will take you through the steps to create an ENS domain.
You need an ENS domain on Ethereum mainnet even if you want to use Ethereum testnet or any other networks (Binance Smart Chain, xDAI... etc). However you can use using an ENS on Rinkeby
If you already have an ENS domain, feel free to skip this and follow the Create a space guide.

Creating an ENS Domain

1a. Search for the availability of your name on Snapshot's Create page
1b. Search for the availability of your name on ENS by going to the following link:
2. If the name is available, you would be able to see the 3 steps and the registration fee. Please note that the names with 3 or 4 characters cost considerably more than the names with 5+ characters.
3. Connect your wallet by tapping on the "Connect" button on the top left corner of your screen. Make sure your wallet has enough balance to make the transaction successful.
4. Confirm all the transactions for the three steps from your chosen wallet provider.
5. You have now successfully registered on ENS! Additionally, you can also make your Ethereum address point to an ENS name by clicking on ‘Set Reverse Record’ or by going to 'My Account' and then selecting 'Reverse record' and completing the transaction.
Congratulations! You have created your domain on ENS. You are now ready to create your space on Snapshot.
If you want to register a custom domain you already own check out this guide:
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