POAP are badges which are non fungible tokens (NFT). Each time you participate in an event, POAP collectors get a unique badge that is supported by a cryptographic record. With the POAP plugin you can reward voters on your space with a unique POAP for each of your Proposals on Snapshot.

Getting started

Here is a tutorial to setup POAP plugin on your Snapshot space:
    Search for the POAP module and click on it. You do not need to add anything inside it. Just leave it as it is and press on “add”.
    Now save the setting from the top right corner and sign the transactions to save your settings. A POAP plugin has now been successfully added. A POAP plugin will automatically be added to all the new proposals you create. You do not need to add it manually.
    Whenever you create a new proposal, you must save your Snapshot proposal ID from the url of the proposal.
    Create a POAP event by going to the link Click on ‘Create new POAP’. Make sure you comply with all the image requirements. After creating the POAP event, you will receive a confirmation email which will indicate that you reply with the amount of codes you need for the attendees of your event. This is not necessary for the plugin to work.
    Link your POAP event ID to Snapshot proposal ID by contacting the POAP team via discord or telegram.
    Once the event and Proposal is linked, each voter will be able to claim their special POAP.
You can also check out a tutorial guide to set up POAP plugin for your Snapshot space


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