Create new strategy

Create a strategy and use it on your own space

To add your own strategy on Snapshot you need to fork the Snapshot.js repository and create pull request.

1. Navigate to the src\strategies

└── src
└── strategies
└── erc20-balance-of

2. Create a copy of the erc20-balance-of strategy folder and rename it to the name of your strategy

3. Write the logic of your strategy, include it in**src\strategies\index.ts and test it with:

npm run test --strategy=<STRATEGY NAME> // replace <STRATEGY NAME>

4. Make sure you pass the checklist

Have a look here on the requirements for adding a new strategy and make sure you full fill the points in the checklist:

5. Create a pull request**

5. The snapshot team will review your PR and after it is approved it will be available in your space settings.