Create a space

To create a space in Snapshot follow these steps.

If you already have a space with GitHub see how to Migrate your space to ENS.

1. Get an ENS domain for your space

You will need an ENS domain for creating your space, register one here:

If you have never registered an ENS before or need help then checkout this guide:

You need an ENS domain on Ethereum mainnet even if you want to use Ethereum testnets or others network (Binance Smart Chain, xDAI... etc).

2. Link your ENS domain to Snapshot

Once you have created your domain ENS, go on this url using your domain for space name.<SPACE ADDRESS>/settings

Replace <SPACE ADDRESS> with your ENS domain and login with the wallet that owns the domain name.

Set your Snapshot IPNS link

If you are on your domain space and connected with your wallet you will see the correct IPNS link in the ENS field. Click on the button Set record on ENS, and you will get redirected to ENS page.

  • On the ENS page, click on ADD/EDIT RECORD.

  • Select TEXT and type the key "snapshot" in lowercase.

  • Paste the IPNS link in the field.

  • Click Save.

  • Scroll down and click Confirm.

  • Sign the transaction with your wallet.

3. Setup your space settings

Refresh the Snapshot settings page<SPACE ADDRESS>/settings to see the space setting.


  • Change avatar to have your logo and strategy images in your space.

  • Name is the name that will be displayed in the snapshot application.

  • Network must be the network relative to your token.

  • Symbol is the main token symbol that will be displayed in your space.

  • Skin can be left as a default, used as an existing one or you can create your own skin.

  • Domain name is optional but you can add a custom domain.

Snapshot profile settings


You need to add a voting strategy for your proposals. erc20-balance-of is chosen by default and you can click on it to add your own token address.

More information here:

You can add up to 3 strategies in your space.

Edit strategies

Members and Filters

  • Members are those who can create official proposals that will be displayed in the "Core" tab. You can add as many addresses as you need, one per line.

  • Default tab is the one that will be displayed as the default for your space. For example all core or community

  • Minimum score is the minimum number of tokens required to create a proposal.

  • Only members proposals is used to allow only members to post proposals and can be set to true or false

  • Invalids are the proposals you want to hide from your space. You can add as many proposal ids as you need, one per line.

Configure the organization and permissions of the proposals

Click Save and sign settings message on your wallet.

Save your Snapshot space settings

Now you are set! You can go on<SAPCE ADDRESS> to see your space.

When you create or edit a space, it take about 3min to see the changes live.

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