Add a custom domain

Custom domain is optional.

As you already have a domain with ENS, adding a custom domain is optional. Custom domain allows you to get the interface for a specific space on a custom domain. E.g.,

To add a custom domain you need to do a pull request on this repository:

Follow the Snapshot spaces directory tree

└── spaces
└── domains.json

Add a custom domain

Set it in the Domain name field

To add a custom domain, fill in the Domain name field in your settings.

Domain name field in Snapshot settings.

Insert it in the domains.json file list

To add your subdomain to Snapshot, you need to edit the domains.json file below.

To prevent conflicts, it is recommended to add your subdomain between two existing domains rather than at the end or beginning of the list, as in the example below.

"": "ens.eth",
"my.custom.url": "my-space.eth",
"": "ens.eth",

Configure your DNS

You will need to add this as CNAME in your domain DNS

After committing your PR, you will have to wait for the merge and the deployment of your PR to be able to get your domain live. This process can take a few hours.