Add a skin
Skins are optional.

What is a skin?

A skin allows you to define a color scheme for your space using a custom domain. It won't effect your space on Prerequisite: Add a custom domain

Create a pull request

To create your own skin you need to do a pull request on the following repository:
GitHub - snapshot-labs/snapshot-spaces

Follow the Snapshot skins directory tree

└── skins
└── my-space.scss

Add your skin

To add your skin you will need to create a "my-space.scss" file in the skins directory.
.my-space {
--primary-color: #384aff;
--bg-color: white;
--text-color: #586069;
--link-color: #111111;
--heading-color: #111111;
--border-color: #d1d5da;
--header-bg: white;
--block-bg: transparent;
Change the file name my-space.scss and css selector .my-space with your space name.
Then you will also need to list your skin in this file:
Select then your skin in the Skin field in your space settings.
Snapshot skin selector.
After committing your PR, you will have to wait for the merge and the deployment of your PR to be able to select your skin available. This process can take up to a couple of days.
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