Error messages

Information about specific errors that can appear.

Error code

Error information

wrong message body

Message did not pass because body was empty or did not contain address or did not contain sig.

wrong signed message

Message did dont have his local clock sync.

wrong timestamp

User doesn't have local clock synced.

wrong version

Hub version doesn't exist or is wrong.

wrong message type

Message does not include a type.

wrong signature

Body sig doesn't exist or is wrong.

wrong proposal format

Proposal must include a title, a description, 2 choices, a block time, start and end dates.

wrong proposal size

Proposal size is bigger or smaller than how it should minimum/maximum be.

wrong proposal metadata

Proposal metadata is wrong.

wrong proposal period

Proposal start date is greater than the end date.

wrong vote format

Vote is wrong, must vote on a proposal that contains metadata and you must includea choice.

wrong vote metadata

Vote metadata doesn't exist or is wrong.

unknown proposal

Proposal is not found.

not in voting window

You can't vote, time didn't start yet.