Create a space (on GitHub)

Create your own space on Snapshot!

1: Fork Snapshot spaces repository here

Update your fork with the original repo using Git

If you have already forked a space, you must update your repo before submitting changes.

Use the 4 commands below to sync your forked repository with the original repository.

git remote add master
git fetch master
git checkout master
git merge master/master

2: Copy the space "example" folder

|-- spaces
|-- example
|-- index.json
|-- logo.png
|-- space.png
|-- skins (optional)
|-- example.scss (optional)

3: Space metadata

Note that your path folder name will be the name that will show on the snapshot link:


Example: index.json

"name": "Your Space", // Name of your space (max 20 chars)
"network": "1", // What network you are on? (if on Ethereum it is "1", for other check:
"symbol": "SYMBOL", // Your main token symbol
"skin": "your-space", // Copy skin filename "example.scss" located at "/skins" folder and renaming it to "your-space.scss"
"domain": "", // Add your voting/governance subdomain if you have one
"strategies": [ // Strategies
"name": "erc20-balance-of", // Strategy name
"params": { // Strategy parameters
"address": "0xC02aaA39b223FE8D0A0e5C4F27eAD9083C756Cc2", // Address of the base token
"symbol": "SYMBOL", // Symbol of the base token
"decimals": 18 // Decimals of the base token
"members": [ // List of official addresses that can post in "Core" tab of the space
"0xeF8305E140ac520225DAf050e2f71d5fBcC543e7" // Core member address
"filters": { // Filters
"defaultTab": "all", // The default tab for the space
"minScore": 123, // Minimum balance from the base token that a user should have to show his proposal in the space (unless the address is a core address)
"onlyMembers": true // Shows only core tab and core proposals
"invalids": [ // List of proposals IDs (use this to remove a proposal from your space)

Required fields: token, name, network, symbol, strategies

4: Add a logo and space images

  1. You must add both logo.png and space.png images for your space with a size of 256 x 256 pixels.

  2. The file size should not exceed 50KB.

5: Create a skin (optional)

  1. To create your own skin go to the /skins folder.

  2. Copy example.scss change the name to what you like (prefferably your space name).

  3. Change the colors, then make sure both the scss file and its class name are the same.

  4. Exampe: your file is your-space.scss class name should be .your-space

  5. Include your skin name in the index.json file as: "skin": "your-space"

  6. Save it in /skins folder.

Example: your-space.scss

.your-space {
--primary-color: #384aff;
--bg-color: white;
--text-color: #586069;
--link-color: #111111;
--heading-color: #111111;
--border-color: #d1d5da;
--header-bg: white;
--block-bg: transparent;

6: Make sure everything is ready

Your files should something like this:

|-- spaces
|-- your-space
|-- index.json
|-- logo.png
|-- space.png
|-- skins (optional)
|-- your-space.scss (optional)

7: Make a pull request

  • Please name your PR title on the model Add SYMBOL space

  • It may take 1 or 2 days to get your PR reviewed, merged and appear on Snapshot.